Grumpy Cat Went to Disneyland and Hated Every Second of It

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it’s doing the right thing, but it’s just the wrong light.

I did the same thing after having a drunken conversation with a friend about moths and their love for light.

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Hi, I’m Timmy Turner and i STOLE FROM MY MOM’S PURSE


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K first off, I wanna say a huge super duper mega thank you to all my followers for helping me get this far, I never thought I’d get a thousand followers, let alone two thousand!

So normally I do something special for milestones and honestly Id do another follow forever but then I keep wanting to change it so a recommended makes it easier, plus I can do them when I want to radiate my happiness.

Speaking of Happiness Ive been feeling tons better recently and I’d like to thank everyone who helped me get through this though part of my life I couldn’t have done it without you!

All these blogs are one which I always see on my dash, are super kind and friendly, and in general ‘the best’. If your not on there don’t fel offended, I can’t put everyone on plus a lot of people change their urls and Ive lost track of who’s who.

Anyway, I’m gonna try list all 115 blogs which are on that scrolling list down below so you can go check them out;

abbyarcanine, ahikuboruchi, all-that-is-pokemon, amethistus-lepus, amphlosion, another-pokemon-kid, anusflaps, bayleeftea, blazikingdom, bloodbending, bluefangkai, candydness, carvanha, celestic-sylveon, chandelurer, chewingtotodiles, chrawrizards, cinnccino, cordeliatar, curiouslycinnamonk, cutekurapika, cybertutu, dandere-monster, de-dennes, drowning-in-anime, eevee-ray, espeon-leafeon, erizabes, evanjellicent, f3nnekin, ferroseed, flaaffys, ferroseed, flygons, fruit-of-the-breloom, garekisan, gasaisyuno, genesects, glaceonchan/ samtheinsane, glaceons, glaxion, glaycia, glistenshipping, glitchcity, glorifiedbaka, glowuntoyou, hadangeki, hatsunemiku-v3, heartgolddd, heartscale, hidekiblog, imaginedragonairs, inigotheamigo, it-started-to-rain, jearmine, keyitems, kingdraa, koriinku, koutone, kyozumii, larvitarr, latiox, leefeons, lucinah, marceline-the-mekakucity-queen, mega-absol, mega-manectric, megaabomasnow, mesprit, meteor-falls, michaeljburgesss, minishcap, moon-ball, mudkip, nicostrudel, nightbun, nlntendo64, no6-sources, oshawott, palefurry, pandoraheartslove, pichews, pizzaapls, pokemon-battling, pokemon-parfait, pokemon-personalities, pokemon-pit, pumpkabo0, ringo-to-chizu, roselea13, royalgummi, rusig, sandgem-town, scolipede, seraphsylph, shinycaterpie, shinyferroseed, skarmoury, skywardgengars, starmiiie, stupid-otaku, sylveon-princess, teddlursa, thetoweroflies, trainergreen, tsu-kii, tysplosion, umbreonns, unfesant, unleashmyliberation, vic-tree-bel, vivyllon, waka, west-sea-gastrodon, zwampert, zwoobat

I highly suggest you check them out cause they all make my dash such a joy! I hope they all continue to produce wonderful blogs in the future! A lot of these people too helped me in my time of need and I’d like to say a big thank you to anyone who’s even offered adivce or comfort when Ive been upset these past few months

Ok thats all, I think, bye!

I JUST got back from London so I’m happy that you reblogged this for those who hadn’t seen it yet.

Thank you so much <3.